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IND-DX | Part 01/03 | An Essential Step-by-Step 2021 Beginners Guide in Digital Transformation

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

5 Readable Q&As to Understanding DX in India Under 5 Minutes (That Won’t Break Your Head)

Reviewed and condensed from DX for Dummies by Mitel, and Digital India by McKinsey & Company

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You’ve probably heard of power-naps. This blog brings you 5 minute power-reads for understanding how mind-blowing digital transformation is! What can you expect from this? Well, Charlie and Dannie (DXP360’s comic strip characters) will soon be here to help you, and will guide you through all the tips we have listed here.

Does using the acronyms DX (digital transformation), API (application programming interface), and AI (artificial intelligence) leave you feeling uneasy? Or going “Um, yikes!”? Yes, DX is a hefty fella, but he and his pals aren’t scary. They all just need to be understood. We’ve got your back. We’ve created a simple and complete 15-points guide that breaks down the digital transformation framework in India. You’re living in one of our states and trying to understand the hype about digital transformation ever since the pandemic hit…. Charlie and Dannie will help you understand what digital transformation is.

Each week, we’ll be breaking down one major topic about digital transformation into 3 parts. We’re starting off with exactly what digital transformation is. Here, we end with a concise video by McKinsey & Company before you come back again for our next post.

Let’s get started with the first 5 facts you need to know to get a grasp around digital transformation.



1. What is digital transformation (DX)?

Digital transformation can be defined as “creating, implementing, and monitoring software and systems that work to enhance any type of operation”. In retail for example, these software and systems optimize operations by cutting down production costs and increasing output efficiency.

2. Where can I find DX?

DX works with all things digital. These digital technologies are found throughout different sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, and logistics to name a few. No industry is immune to change Digital transformation will reshape and transform every industry we know of.

3. What does DX do?

Digital transformation is “a process that enhances and facilitates any type of digital business”. In digital business, digital transformation facilitates the best possible workplace environment. This means:

  • Dynamic teamwork

  • Easier collaboration

  • Accessibility to information

  • Which equals to bringing together a multigenerational workforce

Digital transformation gives businesses the tools that allow employees to accomplish the tasks they need to complete, when they need to complete them through an accessible and virtualized workspace. Switch from your mobile, office, to home instantly (with no sweat).

4. What does cloud-computing have to do with DX?

Digital transformation is hosted by cloud-computing platforms, and is changing the way people consume applications and information. Millennials and Gen Xers want to adopt the personal applications and technologies they use in their everyday lives like social media and WhatsApp group messaging for business use. Through the cloud, digital transformation gives the space and accessibility modern businesses and organizations need to implement technological solutions that work the same way employees work and live.

5. Staying connected to the mobile consumer.

The digital customer experience is an “experience that is shaped and delivered through digital interactions”. With the immediacy and personalization of the smartphone, digital transformation enables rapid solutions to reach customers wherever they are. Interactions with our favorite brands and restaurants via a variety of communications channels, and staying connected with them is easier and faster than ever — DX makes full use of mobile capabilities….

To be continued!

Before you leave,

Listen to what expert, Nandan Nilekani, Cofounder and chairman of Infosys and founding chairman of UIADAI (Aadhaar) has to say.

As a mobile consumer with access to unlimited data imagine the things you could do through digital transformation. Be empowered. Control your data to create solutions. In digital transformation, being empowered means using data to improve your life, and to gain financial independence. Are you up for the challenge?

Let us know!
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