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Event Design







Anybody, STD XII and above

There are no prerequisites for this certificate. The Course will guide and prepare you to understand all the content and complete the required activities.


For some lessons however, some familiarity with web environments is recommended.

About the Certificate

Event design is a multifaceted phenomenon. It involves the colors you choose for your event logo, to the way people line up to check in at your event. It encompasses the way potential attendees experience your event website, to the way they interact with each other at the event itself. With such a wide scope of relevance, design can have a major impact on event success.


As an event designer/ organizer, arming yourself with event design knowledge will help you to be a more effective designer/ planner and even more successful in your design/ planning career. With an understanding of event design, you’ll be able to actualize design best practices and suggestions while you and your event will reach new heights of success.

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You will recognize the importance of design in ensuring the success of your event. You will also notice that design encompasses almost every part of your event designing/ planning process, from start to finish.


The ultimate importance of event design lies in its ability to build the relationship between your event and your attendees. A thoughtful attention to design not only adds value and credibility to your event brand but also provides value for your attendees.

The EVENT DESIGN COURSE is GAAA VIRTUAL response to this need.


This certificate prepares you to understand the new design paradigm of today’s events revolution, and it also provides an overview of the key design technologies driving this change. This course takes a practical approach intended to help you become an active part of the event design transformation.

Certificate Structure

The EVENT DESIGN COURSE offers a holistic vision of how to design A-Z for Online, Physical, Hybrid events.


The following summarizes the course structure :

  • Principles of Design

  • Website Design

  • Digital/ Graphic Design

  • Swag + Collateral Design

  • Portfolio

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Principles of Design

Focus on what exactly design principles entail.

  • Balance - is achieved when the visual proportions and weights of texture, color and space are distributed in a harmonious way that responds to our physical senses.

  • Proportion - is the relationship between shapes, sizes and objects.

  • Color - invokes harmony, because whatever design you choose to create, you will most likely have to find a way to put a bunch of different colors together in a harmonious way

  • Color Psychology - if color instigates mood, then choosing a color also directly affects your event attendee experience.

  • Typography - includes point size, font, and line spacing, and particularly involves the way that these factors are arranged.

  • Creativity - is key to a design that will set your event apart from the rest.

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Key takeaways

  • Incorporating design principles and optimizing every aspect of your event design.

  • Understand that the basic elements of good web design are shape, direction, texture and color.

  • Understand that Digital Design relies on the integration between creativity and technological design, logos to emails to advertising.

  • Design your “swag” with best practices in mind that will have a huge impact on the attendee experience at your event.

  • Understand that event design lies in its ability to build the relationship between your event and your attendees.

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Design Principles and its practical applications.

Who should take this certificate?

The EVENT DESIGN COURSE is directed at diverse professional profiles, students such as:


Any student, STD XII and above, Diploma 10+3, Others) who wants to understand the benefits, opportunities and employment, can offer for design applications in the Events Industry.

Events Industry Professionals

Events Industry professionals who want to obtain a broader strategic vision about how these key design concepts can transform their organization’s creativity.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

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Methodology and Assessment

All of  the learning included takes place in highly collaborative environments, fostered by discussion forums and group activities.

In this practical, results-driven certificate, you will get a hands-on learning experience based on the case method. Plus, you will acquire skills and tools that you can immediately use to benefit your organization and your career.

Participants will be guided throughout the course by facilitators who will be on hand to answer any questions and respond to comments.

Live online sessions
by faculty who will teach real-life applications and respond to participants’ questions
Cases applications
Guided discussion forums
Practical activities
Review activities
Additional resources such as videos and recommended reading

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