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Technologist (ET)

Certificate Advanced






Graduates, BCA, BBA, Post-Graduates, MBA, Others.

There are no prerequisites for this certificate. The Certificate will guide and prepare you to understand all the content and complete the required activities.

For some courses however, some familiarity with Web Environments is recommended.

About the Certificate

Event technology has taken the events industry by storm. Some of the most profound changes in event programs over the past 15 years have been driven by the constant digital transformation of the planning process.


Online registration, ticketing, mobile apps, engagement apps, and online venue sourcing are only some of the tools that revolutionized the way we plan, execute and evaluate events.


With such an incredible amount of disruption, planners have tried to make sense of the new opportunities brought along – and they have tried to contain the risks associated with implementing tech programs.

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The fact is that event technology is not just a trend anymore. It is a vital pillar of planning and executing events. Moreover, the requirements to integrate the events piece with CRM, MarTech and HR tools scream for a new set of skills that event planners do not necessarily possess. As a result, event planning teams have adapted and given rise to new roles.


The EVENT TECHNOLOGIST (ET) Certificate ADVANCED is GAAA VIRTUAL’s response to this need. This certificate prepares you to understand the new digital paradigm of today’s events technological revolution.


You will understand the role of the event technologist, an emerging job position that combines a strong understanding of the event planning and execution process with an understanding of the technology ecosystem.

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Certificate Structure

The EVENT TECHNOLOGIST (ET) Certificate ADVANCED offers a holistic vision of many possible applications in different areas in the Event Industry.

The following summarizes the course structure :

  • Event technology management

  • RFP and vendor review management

  • Registration and website project management

  • Data analysis: Tracking and reporting on any analytics

  • Research and development

  • On-site support

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Event Technology Management

  • Collaborating with project teams to implement, execute, and maintain the event technology tools

  • Keeping up-to-date on recent features from partners/vendors

  • Keeping abreast of industry standards

  • Managing integrations and streamlining workflows

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Key takeaways

  • Understand the liaising with the registration tech vendor, web designer, and payment processing company.

  • Selecting the specific features for the registration website

  • Overseeing deployment, which may involve email automation software or liaising with the marketing department.

  • Discover the technologies that are changing the event industry and how they are doing it.

  • Become familiar with SaaS (Software as a Service) and DevOps (Optional) and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities they offer for secure software implementation and efficient technological operations.

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Event Technologies and its practical applications.

Who should take this certificate?

The EVENT TECHNOLOGIST (ET) Certificate ADVANCED is directed at diverse professional profiles, students such as:


Any student (Graduate, BCA, BBA, Post-Graduates, MBA, Others) who wants to understand the benefits, opportunities and employment, the latest technologies can offer for digital transformation in an organization.

Events Industry Professionals

Events Industry Professionals with strong leadership skills who want to have a powerful impact on the success of their organization’s innovation processes.

Events Industry Technical Professionals

Events Industry Technical professionals who want to obtain a broader strategic vision about how these key technologies can transform their organization’s operations.

Functional Managers/ Employees

Functional managers/ Employees in the Events Industry whose organizations are going through digital transformation and who want to create new business models based on digital products/ services.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

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Methodology and Assessment

All of the learning included 

takes place in highly collaborative environments, fostered by discussion forums and group activities.

In this practical, results-driven certificate, you will get a

hands-on learning experience based on the case method. Plus, you will acquire skills and tools that you can immediately use to benefit your organization and your career.

Participants will be guided throughout the course by facilitators who will be on hand to answer any questions and respond to comments.

Live online sessions
by faculty who will teach real-life applications and respond to participants’ questions
Cases applications
Guided discussion forums
Practical activities
Review activities
Additional resources such as videos and recommended reading

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