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IND-DX | Resource | Careers in Digital Transformation

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

In the second week we covered Careers in Digital Transformation (DX). The options of jobs in DX are varied and numbered, as automation transforms the world.


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What does Digital Transformation (DX) do?

It drives innovation, touches people’s lives, and impacts the world.

Take healthcare in India, for example.
Within 15 years, chronic conditions are expected to account for 70% of all illnesses pushing global healthcare costs to USD 15 trillion (Novartis). India alone would account for a significant percentage of the total global population. As a country, India will need solutions.

Powered by data and the digital


By Accenture

By Accenture

quote by Mahesh Makhija EY India Technology Consulting Leader

quote by Vijay Bhaskaran EY India Automation and Artificial Intelligence Leader

quote by Rohan Sachdev EY India Consulting Leader

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