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Digital Experience Platform

Learning Digital Transformation (DX) Technologies

Integrating WIX Internet Technologies, QuickBooks Online, CANVA Design Cloud, Adobe Creative Cloud.

Stay in the cloud with DXP360 for everything, IN ONE PLACE. 
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Create a Career You're Proud Of

Build up your skills WORTH A CITY


Logo of SAAS: Software As A Service

(Marketing Technology)
Logo of MarTech: Marketing Technology

(Financial Technology)
Logo of Financial Technology
Logo of Cloud Computing
Cloud - Computing

(Internet of Things)
Logo of IoT: Internet of Things

(Unified Communications & Collaborations)
Logo of Unified Communications & Collaborations

(Customer Experience)
Logo of CX: Customer Experience

(Retail Technology)
Logo of Retail Technology
Hotel Management
& Bar Management
Meeting Event Management
Spa Management
Fitness Management
Membership Management
Loyalty Programs Management

We Provide Training In

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Choosing DXP360’s customer services ensures a customer satisfaction experience.
Grow with DXP360.
We believe in the power of technology. Watch your business soar through the agility of DXP360's eCommerce services.
See your sales rise. DXP360 offers simple strategies and services to support your business.
Like the sun, DXP360 is determined to set up your platform. So that you shine your light. Just like the sun.
Grow your Business Profits with Money Management.
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Planetary Ascent

The Sun

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Learn to reach your sales target with accuracy.

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Grow with DXP360. Build a career.

Learn to build a sustainable business.
Ensured by DXP360.

Providing a strong customer experience is not just about reducing customer service mishaps. More than ever, it is a way for companies to distinguish their brands, retain customers, and turn them into advocates.

Connecting People with technology and Softwares
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Logo of Canva
Logo of QuickBooks Blueblack Logo
Pink Plant with one black Ring Moon and Two circles on the Ring
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Logo of Adobe Creative Cloud
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DXP360 Benefits

For Customers

Customers easily help themselves with a Self-service portal.

Connecting your product to what customers want.

Customers can easily get hold of your support services (OMNICHANNEL)

Calender with Marked Dates
3D Vector Human Call centre with Laptop and Headphones

For Business

Connecting your business to Users Voices

​Implementing technologies for future business. 

​Minimum resources required for day-to-day operations

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3D Human Vector with Thumbs up, Sitting on Computer mouse

For Business Support

Understandable data for analysis

​Customize the platform to your business needs

​Enables Growth and Scaling

​No hidden costs

Mobile App Layout of Options
3D Vector Human with Magnifying Glass

For Sales/Service Agents

Agents can efficiently resolve customer issues.

Onboarding of a New Agent in a day.

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We work with

Logo of
Logo of QuickBooks
Logo of Canva
Logo of Adobe Creative Cloud
Image of Planet Venus

As a world-class platform, Wix services over 200 million users worldwide.

Overall, more than
30 million people use Canva, each month.

As a long standing favorite, Adobe has approximately 
12 million creative cloud subscribers.

       Quickbooks Online
    has more than
    over 2 million
global users.

Why choose to build your skills using DXP360?

Cloud-computing platform; access anywhere, anytime

Omnichannel; Customer connects from any channel

Analytics; analyze your business in realtime

Wide range of business applications

Reach for the CLOUD. TRUST DXP360.

Business Man in Suit crossed armed

Try Us Out

Ensure your career


Learn how to access business data on the mobile.

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