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The COVID-19 pandemic that has affected economies worldwide has also beaten up the Health/ Wellness industry in both developed and developing countries.


Most fitness learners cannot go to train physically. The impact has been transformative as fitness providers are looking forward to implementing technology solutions to enable remote coaching and training .


Many health/ wellness organisations are providing remote training to participants while many are preparing to get back to the new normal with the help of new tech solutions.

Digital Transformation means enhancing an organization’s core business operations to meet customer requirements efficiently by leveraging data and technology. In the wellness  industry, the target customers can be participants, trainers, staff and digitizing the wellness sector can benefit both participants and trainers/ coaches.



This course prepares you to understand the new digital paradigm of today’s health/ wellness revolution, and it also provides an overview of the key technologies driving this change. This course takes a practical approach intended to help you become an active part of the digital transformation.

About the Course
Group study

Eligibility: Anybody, STD XII and above

There are no prerequisites for this course. The Course will guide and prepare you to understand all the content and complete the required activities.


For some lessons however, some familiarity with web environments is recommended.



The course WELLNESS ONLINE PROGRAMS SETUP offers a holistic vision of how to manage an Online Wellness Program.

The following summarizes the course structure:

  • Create Wellness Courses/ Lessons

  • Wellness Calendar Management

  • Wellness Participant Management

  • Wellness Staff Management

  • Getting Paid

  • Wellness Membership & Packages

  • Wellness Reports & Analytics

  • Wellness Community Tools

  • Intro To More Wellness Revenue Streams

  • Intro To Wellness Marketing Suite


Course Structure Details

Structure Dretails

Create Course/ Lessons

Create polished, profitable wellness content that actually sells.

  • Create wellness online courses

  • Create wellness podcasts

  • Create wellness coaching programs

Calendar Management

Manage Your Wellness Calendar

  • Participants can view schedule and book sessions online.

  • Display classes and pricing

  • Set your business hours

  • Auto adjust bookings for time zones

  • Create booking rules and policies

  • Staff can manage and sync their schedules

Participant Management

Strengthen Your Participants Relationships

  • Keep in touch and up-to-date with participants

  • Create detailed Participant / Member profiles

  • Collect forms

  • Send class reminders via email

  • Send updates of your classes

  • Chat online with participants


Key takeaways

  • Providing a wide array of online learning options.

  • Allowing trainers to organize online classes.

  • Deliver a superior customer (participant) experience (CX).

  • Discover the technologies that are changing the education world and how they are doing it.

  • Become familiar with SaaS (Software as a Service) and learn how to take advantage of the opportunities they offer for secure & efficient Online Program implementation.

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of DX (Digital Transformation) and its practical applications.


Who should take this Course?

is directed at diverse professional profiles, students such as:


Any student, STD XII and above, Diploma 10+3, Others who wants to understand the benefits, opportunities and employment, the latest technologies can offer for digital transformation in the Health/ Wellness Industry.

Health/ Wellness Professionals

Health/ Wellness Professionals with strong leadership skills who want to have a powerful impact on the success of their organization’s innovation processes.

Wellness Technical Professionals

Health Wellness Technical professionals who want to obtain a broader strategic vision about how these key technologies can transform their organization’s operations.

Functional Managers/ Employees

In Health/ Wellness areas whose organizations are going through digital transformations and who want to create new business models based on digital products/ services.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Methodology and


All of the learning included  takes place in highly collaborative environments, fostered by discussion forums and group activities.


In this practical, results-driven course, you will get a hands-on learning experience based on the case method. Plus, you will acquire skills and tools that you can immediately use to benefit your organization and your career.


Participants will be guided throughout the course by facilitators who will be on hand to answer any questions and respond to comments.

Live online sessions by faculty who will teach real-life applications and respond to participants’ questions
Cases applications
Review activities
Practical activities
Guided discussion forums
Additional resources such as videos and recommended reading
Methodology n Assessment

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