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HotelTech with Creative Design (12 Months - Advance)


HotelTech with Creative Design - Intermediate

Online Booking System - Manage Your Reservations, Invoices and Payments - create, send, track and manage invoices, Manage Customer Relationships, Restaurant, Spa,Wellness & Fitness, Hotel Shops management. These are important factors in the success of a hotel. To keep the business running smoothly and make a profit, hotel managers must consider these factors. The 6-month course will enhance your skills to do just that.



Financial management lays the very foundation of a successful Hotel business and enables them to manage their property profitably. Best practices of financial management in the hospitality industry include: creating an annual budget; building a detailed financial tracking model; having on-going audits and creating a reporting structure that helps managers keep a tab on P&L information.


Inventory/ Stock

A Hotel can have various stock of items and food to support the services by different departments. Departments can be Housekeeping, Retail Shops, Restaurants, Bars. and more. Restaurant inventory control is the process of managing your food and other stock to avoid spoilage and other losses. It helps you plan for when to repurchase inventory. Inventory cost accounting is the process of determining how much product your company should carry to reduce the total inventory costs


Distribution Channel Manager

Channel managers are highly valuable for hotels of all sizes. The role of a distribution channel manager is to connect the hotel’s room inventory to multiple online travel channels or agencies. This will allow you to manage your hotel’s prices and availability across all the marketing channels you use online. A channel manager helps avoid overbooking and prevent other costly mistakes since it has the ability to report booking sources.


Total Revenue Management System (TRMS)

Total revenue management can broadly be defined as the goal to manage each revenue source to the highest profitability. By incorporating multiple revenue points-of-sale like food and beverage, banqueting and conferencing facilities, spa, retail, leisure activities and others with room revenue management, total revenue management assists hotels in achieving their goal of increasing revenue and profitability in a competitive market.


Reputation and Review Management Software

Reputation and review management software is designed to track online users’ feedback on services and products. It is a system that helps spread the customer’s positive reviews through the relevant online platforms. It is also a useful tool that helps hotel owners monitor social media posts relating to their services. In simpler words, this software allows you to monitor what your guests are saying about your hotel by sending you alerts. You can then respond to these reviews and rectify the issue quickly

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