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IND-DX | Part 05/05 | Careers | Concise 2021 List to 15 Digital Transformation Careers in India

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

The Jobs You Will Need For Our Not So Distant Future (Which You Can Learn About in Under 5 Minutes)

We’ve brought together a set of videos for you which explain careers in digital transformation.

Image of a world connected through digital technologies

In our last post, you learnt what a:

  • Change Manager

  • Agile Coach

  • and Digital Transformation Consultant is.

Each Digital Transformation (DX) job listed below comes with an important key takeaway, a video, and a salary range. Let’s get to the last three jobs we’ve brought you in Digital Transformation!

Learn to be a:

13. Order Management Specialist

Key Takeaway

Order management specialists are responsible for all aspects of order processing. This includes everything from entering new orders to inspecting shipments to managing customer satisfaction and more.

Order Management also impacts the overall customer experience. Think Amazon or eBay, and your experience of buying literally anything of any size online. And, it being delivered to your doorstep.

Average Base Salary

Order Management Specialist=OMS

Job Title


Oracle OMS*

INR 450,340

Wipro OMS**

INR 420,000

Refinitiv OMS*

INR 350,150

* 4 salaries reported

** 3 salaries reported

14. Insights and Analytics Lead

Key Takeaway

Contribute significantly to and own the strategy development and execution for a team, including stakeholder management, talent recruitment, on-boarding and continuous upskilling, vendorization, automation and customer servicing.

Listen to how customer insights and analytics work within the digital transformation framework,

Average Base Salary

INR 1,640,810 yearly

According to Glassdoor

15. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Key Takeaway

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is the company executive responsible for the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies.

Take a look at this interesting and insightful talk between Jacky Wright, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft IT, and Norm Judah, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Services.

Average Base Salary

INR 825,800 yearly

According to Glassdoor


Now isn’t that neat?

Next up next week is the topic “All About EventTech!”
There’s so much to learn!

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