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IND-PETS- Dog’s Crazy Life

References: Rover


Ever thought that one day you will be reading or get to know from someone else that, there are superstitions about dogs too?! Well I was shocked myself when, I was browsing through the internet researching about cat myths for one of my blogs, and I curiously typed, “superstitions about dogs”, loo and behold I found a lot of information. Most of you will know about dogs howling. Apart from that there are more which will be getting covered here.

The topics that will be covered are:

  • A Howling Dog

  • Dogs Can See Ghosts.

  • A dog bite can impregnate a woman with puppies.

  • Stray dogs bring good fortune.

  • Stepping on Dog poop brings good luck

1. A Howling Dog

This is a common myth especially in Goa, India. Our ancestors used to tell us that, when a dog howls it means that death is approaching. And if a dog howls outside a sick person’s window they will die. Especially if the dog was driven away and it returns to the same spot and howls again.

I remember an incident that took place regarding this. My dad’s friend who used to be in Kuwait, one day at home (in Goa) his dog was howling in the middle of the night on their front porch. And in the morning they got the news about his death due to attack.

2. Dogs Can See Ghosts.

This is another common myth everyone knows. When a dog barks or stares at nothing, they say they can see the dead. Dogs are believed to be aware of the presence of ghosts, and their barking, whimpering or howling is often the first warning of supernatural occurrences. And some say if you look between their ears you might see the ghosts.

Image Source: Quora

3. A dog bite can impregnate a woman with puppies.

A large population in India, still believes that getting bitten by a dog leads to the birth of puppies inside human body. Victims are said to bark like dogs and have reported being able to see the puppies inside them when looking at water or hear them growling within their abdomen.

Image source: Rover

4. Stray dogs bring good fortune

In Scotland, there’s a belief that its good luck for a strange dog to follow you home. Your house will be blessed with good fortune, and you will be especially blessed if it’s a black dog that followed you. And if the dog enters your home or property, it is a sign of new friendship to come, one that will be sincere, caring and faithful. But it is a bad luck if a dog follows you home on a rainy day.

5. Stepping on Dog poop brings good luck

In France, people think that stepping in dog poop with your left foot, superstition dictates that good fortune will be coming your way. But stepping in it with your right foot, you’ll be facing the reversal of fortune.

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