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IND-Pets- Dog As A Family Member

Updated: Sep 22, 2022


Over the years, dogs have been giving humans unconditional love, companionship and entertainment. And that has made them a huge part of our lives. We formed a special bond with each other. We love and care for them even when they are sick or at their last breath. We are willing to go through everything they are going through and vice versa. And neither of us want to leave or get rid of each other. When they leave us we feel a part of us is gone. And when they go missing we do all that we can to find them. Like a small child waiting for their parents to be back home from work they wait for us. And once we get back home we are showered with hugs and kisses.

Dogs become a member of your family from the moment they are brought into your house. Because after you give them a name, by default they have your surname too. So when someone asks you about your siblings or children, consider you pup too as one of your siblings or children. Ever felt your blood start to boil when someone insults or mocks your dogs? Like, you just can’t tolerate anyone saying something bad about them.

Image: Bored Panda

Most pet parents love to take a lot of pictures or videos of their dog. They just don’t want to miss any moments of their dogs, whether it may be a silly moment or a cute moment. Just like parents capturing their toddler’s first laugh or steps. I’m sure that most of the pet parents have let our dogs sleep on the bed or couch even though it wasn’t allowed.

When you wake up and first thing you see is your pup's face, you have a bright start to your day. And when you come home after a tiring day the first thing you hear are those joyful 'woofs', you wanted to hear. No matter what mood your in, just a stare or their furry touches, brings a smile to your lips. Life isn't the same without your furry friends.

For those who have grown up with dogs will tell you exactly how these furry friends are and the amount of heartbreaks and loneliness they went through on losing them. These fluff ball are like sensor lights, if your in a bad mood or having a bad day and you see them it brightens you up. That is why they are called stress relievers. They will give you their everything, such as, trust, loyalty, protection, etc., and all they need from you in return is your unconditional love and special attention.

Image: Bored Panda

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