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Providing a strong customer experience is not just about reducing customer service mishaps. More than ever, it is a way for companies to distinguish their brands, retain customers, and turn them into advocates.

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360° Customer View

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Everything sales/service agents need in one view:


All support requests, a timeline for all customer communications and any relevant customer information and history.


No more switching between systems to solve an issue or having to ask customers several

background questions.

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Shared Knowledge

An organization’s knowledge should be easily accessible for customers to help themselves, and for sales/service agents to learn about new policies or feature updates.


Plus, for any team as a go-to source for department-specific information:


Ask, Find, Solve.

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Top Product Issues

DXP360, WIX ANSWERS support platform have a built-in function that presents your customers’ most common issues.


This way, team leaders and other stakeholders can get a quick and clear sense of how and where customers are struggling without having to export piles of data into a CSV.

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DXP360 Wix Answers

DXP360 WIX ANSWERS support platforms operate differently.


It is designed to provide sales/ service agents a consolidated, single-UI support experience with all systems in one place.


Sales/service agents can more efficiently access the knowledge and customer information they need without having to switch between systems.

Unlimited Support Touchpoints

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The days of scrolling down to a website's footer to look for a customer support email are over.


Support must be within reach from anywhere:


Inside any product flow, on any website page, and through any support channel.

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Built to Scale

There is a thin line between flexibility and complexity.


Our CS technology allow for any customization or adjustments to support customers worldwide and in high-volumes.


It is simple for a business to create, maintain, and work with no development required.

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