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IND-DX | The DX Tree | Growing a Growth Mindset

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Lego tree of DXP360

The DX Tree is going to keep on growing with topics. You’ll get to see how versatile digital transformation is. Follow our blog, and flip through our resources to stay up to date.

Take DXP360 as your go-to base for knowledge resources. While our Blog brings together videos related to DX, the Resources page condenses online articles, and begins with our Recommended Read of the week. Plus, you can check out our Be Inspired page, as well as our growing Curated Galleries.

Gallery 01 - Digital Transformation

Gallery 02 - Digital Anatomy

Because hey, there’s no need to get lost surfing and navigating the depths of the internet. We’ve got you covered. And, we’ve got a hold on the sail. So sail with us, on a journey to fly above and beyond using digital transformation.

As a reader and viewer of the content shared here, knowing DX generates value for yourself. Growing with The DX Tree means growing a growth mindset. You really can’t go wrong. Digital transformation touches almost every touchpoint, from healthcare, to music, to the complex nuances of artificial intelligence.

Building a community is important to us. We start here.

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