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IND-Events | Part 02/03 | All About EventTech | 9 Brilliant Companies You Should Know

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

And, How Is EventTech Related to Digital Transformation (DX)?

Find Out In Under 5 Minutes

This week we bring you a bite-sized, highly-relevant collection of how-to or need-to-know industry information about EventTech.

Gold framed image of running an EventTech event Eventbrite UK

In our last post, we covered the 3 EventTech companies:

  • Bizzabo

  • Cvent

  • and Hopin

Remember, EventTech is the same as Event Technology. Which is synonymous to Event Management. Nowadays, with several operations worldwide having to move online — Digital Transformation (DX) has a lot to do with EventTech.

No messing around. Let’s get to it!

Up next in this post,

Learn about:

4. Swapcard

Discover the Talent behind Swapcard

We take pride in being human. When you put people first, career evolution and company growth come naturally.

Damien Courbom, COO & Co-founder

Swapcard events platform

5. Hubb

Untethered Virtual Events Explainer

APIs integrations and servers by Hubb

6. Accelevents

Accelevents: The #1 All-In-One Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform for Growth

Accelevents events platform


Now isn’t that neat?

What do you think about EventTech?

Let us know in the comments!
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