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IND-Events | Part 02/03 | All About EventTech | 9 Brilliant Companies You Should Know

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

And, How Is EventTech Related to Digital Transformation (DX)?

Find Out In Under 5 Minutes

This week we bring you a bite-sized, highly-relevant collection of how-to or need-to-know industry information about EventTech.

Gold framed image of running an EventTech event Eventbrite UK

In our last post, we covered the 3 EventTech companies:

  • Bizzabo

  • Cvent

  • and Hopin

Remember, EventTech is the same as Event Technology. Which is synonymous to Event Management. Nowadays, with several operations worldwide having to move online — Digital Transformation (DX) has a lot to do with EventTech.

No messing around. Let’s get to it!

Up next in this post,

Learn about:

We take pride in being human. When you put people first, career evolution and company growth come naturally.

Damien Courbom, COO & Co-founder

Swapcard events platform

5. Hubb

APIs integrations and servers by Hubb

Accelevents events platform


Now isn’t that neat?

What do you think about EventTech?

Let us know in the comments!
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