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IND-DX | Part 03/03 | An Essential Step-by-Step 2021 Beginners Guide in Digital Transformation

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

5 Readable Tips to Understanding DX in India Under 5 Minutes (That Won’t Break Your Head)

Reviewed and condensed from DX for Dummies by Mitel, and Digital India by McKinsey & Company

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In our last post about digital transformation we covered the facts:

  • The power of automation

  • ML (machine learning)and AI (artificial intelligence) in DX

  • Digital India: building a “digital first” culture through DX and data

  • The blooming market for digital consumers in India

  • What does a connected, digitized Indian market mean nationally and internationally?

  • And, a video titled Digital India: Moving beyond consumption to creating value

Check out our first post

From financial services to telecom and media, digital transformation is transforming India’s total economic value using the productivity that digital technologies unlock. Digital transformation is just waiting to be discovered and fully used.

This post is a 5 minute power-read for understanding how uh-mazing digital transformation is! This week, we created a simple 15-points guide that breaks down the digital transformation framework in India.

Let’s get started with the last 5 tips you need to know to get a grasp around digital transformation. Here we go!



11. How will DX impact India’s job market?

Growing in parallel with internet subscribers in India are digital services. This means that the number and the nature of jobs is changing. About half of the small firms in India surveyed in a report by McKinsey & Company believe that most of their employees today need basic digital skills.

Digital transformation can improve government services and the efficiency of India’s job market. However, some work will become automated or rendered obsolete. The McKinsey & Company report estimates that all or parts of 40 million to 45 million existing jobs would have changed or could be affected by 2025. These include data-entry operators, bank tellers, and clerks. Millions of people who currently hold these types of positions will need to undergo some type of digital transformation training. Are you starting to see how DX is important?

12. How does DX include innovation and creativity?

Jobs of the future will be more skill-intensive. Along with rising demand for skills in emerging digital technologies (such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 3-D printing) — demand for higher cognitive, social, and emotional skills, such as creativity and problem solving will also increase. These are skills that machines, for now, are unable to do. As the technology evolves and develops, individuals will need to constantly learn and relearn skills throughout their lifetime. Will a robot take your job? Not quite yet. But AI is very much a part of digital transformation. With this kind of change comes changes in business models. Indian companies will need to invest in building digital capabilities, especially hiring people with the skills needed to start and accelerate a digital transformation. DX is at our very own fingertips.

13. DX jargon you should know about in India.

Well, DXP360 is one, and it’s a great and affordable starting point for a career to success. You don’t have to have a degree to start learning digital transformation. Did you know that a career in DX has a salary starting from INR 2 Lakhs to INR 20+ Lakhs in India? You probably didn’t. By 2030, the market value of digital transformation in India is set to be US$700 billion. The potential of DX is very strong, and you can search for a hundred thousand of available jobs in digital transformation on or

14. Embrace change, struggle to survive, or face extinction.

Digital transformation custom develops add-on capabilities and bridges applications and data across cloud environments. However, DX isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Different users have different requirements and personal preferences for how they communicate and collaborate with others. DX solutions offer the flexibility for users to choose the options and features they need and prefer, whether it’s videoconferencing, desktop sharing, or remote collaboration. Neat, isn’t it?

15. Get Set, Ready, Go!

Technology is always evolving, as is the functionality of web and team collaboration applications that bring and keep people connected. With the power of cloud-based subscription services digital transformation easily mixes and matches how communication solutions are delivered based on specific requirements. DX is definitely not holding back. So what are you waiting for? Get set, Ready, Go!

That’s a wrap on this week’s topic, Digital Transformation!

Before you go,

Listen to what expert, Anu Madgavkar, Partner at McKinsey Global Institute has to say about digital transformation in India.

Known for its IT, India’s digital economy is made up of core sectors such as IT-enabled services, electronics manufacturing, and telecom and media. DX acts to unlock the potential found within all of these sectors. Digital transformation is a journey that must be taken. A path that can benefit all Indians. Whether you live in a rural, semi-urban, or urban area. Think Differently. DX allows you to do that.

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Next week we’ll be breaking down '15 Careers in Digital Transformation'. Come again! There’s so much to learn!

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